My Biography

Giuseppe and Daniele Scaccia (Acid Zone and Danytribe), were born on June, 1 1987, in Frosinone, near Rome.
They always loved trend music, from the Trance to the Techno, until they discovered the Digital Boy's Extreme "world", starting to collect all the tapes and cd's they found in the shops nearby. After some years they discovered that all this could not be enough, so they started the "Twins Artcore" project, in 2001.

We have to wait until 2003 to see them playing on a major console. It was the Street Garden, in Frosinone. After that, they played in many small clubs, until they joined the “harfuck production” family, one of the best hardcore-party organization of those years.
Their sets started to become popular over the net, but something was still missing. In 2005 they published “Tranz Lyrix”, still considered teir best production ever, and with it came also the “Twins Records” label. After some vynils and cd’s, they made their big move, who definitely placed them in the music industry; we’re talking about the Mokum rec. contract.
Their first Mokum E.P. was named “Return of Artcore”, meaning that Artcore was not dead, was just evolving with them. After that E.P., all the biggest Italian clubs (Florida (BS),Ecu (RN),Adrenaline (RE),Fiorenudo (BG),Cyborg (TR),Energy (RM),Sunrise Ranch,Bombardier,Etc…) started to contact them. Then they have become resident in many clubs of Rome, joining the “Fight Promotion” organization.
They also started the “Alarma Ravers” project, exclusively publishing on Headfuck rec., another famous italian label founded by the D-boy group many years ago and today leaded by dj X-Fly.
The name “Alarma Ravers” was inspired by the “Alarma Rave” parties, made by the Twins in the years between 2004 and 2006.
Under this label, among other things, they published “Candy Lover”, an hit still played by many Franchcore dj’s and producers. In 2010 they created “Underground Revolution”, a radio program who aired their sets and many curiosities about hardcore music. 2011 starts with another vinyl, another Mokum one.
For the first time they produced together with Walter One, famous italian Mokum DJ; one of the first to import techno and hardcore music in Italy in the first 90’s. That vinyl was called “Fucking Hardcore”, recalling the old Mokum compilations named “F***ing Hardcore” and contained the 3rd remix of “Starjam Trantor”, a techno/trance 90’s hit made by Walter One and Paolo Beat.
This summer they will present the vinyl/cd “Live in Rome”, published on Twins Records.
After ten years of Dj sets, they will perform also a destructive Live Act!! Then they will fly in the Netherlands, to take part in one of the biggest Dutch hardcore parties.