My Biography

Half january 2013 I met him,he was already buzzy with playing rec’s for almost a month,
I knew directly that he was serious about I’ts goal, when I had a first talk with him.
Soon he knew that he wanted to play It’s own rec’s.
I had already a basic view In FL and teached him how to produce,
A few weeks after he met FL he inmedially started to read books about the program, build a studio.. He wanted to know everything about producing.
I saw him learn each day after his work, with It’s mind 100 procent into the hardcore,
He was taken by the Hardcore virus and is looking after perfection.
Junot Theuwissen a regular guy you’d think just like me, his past, the driving force for the future, the future is what makes us strong, what will make us apart from the rest !
After a while, working together, he made an important decision: He started to follow a producer education. With a lot of profit in just 1 year If you saw where it all started.
This young DJ gets all of my trust! He started with something powerfull and he’s on It’s way with creating some crazy stuff In the future ! I’m not the only one who’s know’s.. WATCH OUT !